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The Avocado Tree: An Immigrant's Journey

In her award-winning book:
The Avocado Tree: An Immigrant´s Journey
author Roxanne Catherine Mapp chronicles her life
as an immigrant who came from Trinidad & Tobago to America
with her two young daughters for a better life in America.


This full color book of art, poetry and photography will:

  • Inspire you to excel despite challenging experiences.

  • Help you to overcome obstacles in a foreign country.

  • Motivate you to continue your education.

  • Give you the confidence that you need to be proud of
    your cultural heritage.

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Creativity from Within


Creativity from Within is a workbook that will take you through a series
of workshops that will enable you to find your niche and take the steps
that you need to follow your passion(s).


After following the guidelines in this workbook,
you will know what steps to take to get you to where you want to be.

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