Roxanne Catherine Mapp (Rocky) is an award-winning graphic designer author, and certified public librarian. Roxanne encourages and motivates people to look within themselves and use their God given talents to find their calling.

She believes that we can all create the lives that we deserve through faith and action. Roxanne uses her gift to inspire people and motivate them to realize their dreams through a series of workshops.

Roxanne also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the College of New Rochelle, and a Master’s Degree in Library Science
from Pratt Institute in New York.

In her award-winning book:

The Avocado Tree: An Immigrant´s Journey 
author Roxanne Catherine Mapp chronicles her life
as an immigrant who came from Trinidad & Tobago
to America with her two young daughters for a better life. 


This full color book of art, poetry and

photography will:


  • Inspire you to excel despite challenging experiences.

  • Help you to overcome obstacles in a foreign country.

  • Motivate you to continue your education.

  • Give you the confidence that you need to be proud of your cultural heritage.

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    Roxanne lives in Westchester, New York.

  • Her portfolio can be viewed at:

  • Instagram:


Creativity from Within is a workbook that will take you through a series of workshops that will enable you to find your niche and take the steps that you need to follow your passion(s).


This book will help readers:
Learn the importance of forgiveness and the freedom it brings. Make time to carve out 30 minutes per day for yourself. Identify specific action steps you can implement right away.
Get from where you are to where you want to be.
Have a better sense of what you love to do.
Find your niche.

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